Milena 37

All the accumulated emotions that I had bottled up all my life came out through therapy. Session after session we allowed the unprocessed emotions to surface and the blockages were released. Blockages that had manifested in various physical complaints, all traced back to stress & trauma. The negative experiences that had been stuck for years came out, traumas from my childhood, school, work, relationship….. I gained new insights about everything that had happened and especially about myself.

The trauma doesn’t disappear, but you deal with it differently. You make new connections in your brain. You have more peace in your head. There is room for new positive thoughts. The conditioning and subconscious no longer controls your life. You are the leader of your life and not what happened. You are more aware of why you react in a certain way and you recognize the triggers that kept bringing you back to the negative. In other words, a different way of thinking. You can’t remove the trauma(s) anymore, with nothing. So accepting and moving on is the message. You can only grow as a person by learning and growing from this.

The mental peace & resilience I got thanks to Breda is indescribable, every new challenge I accept with open arms and I no longer act from fear and uncertainty.

Therapy gave me new insights and taught me new skills:
– I am a good mom with the heart in the right place because I sought help for myself
– my own parents did their best within their own possibilities
– I can keep control over my behavior in case of strong emotions
– I don’t need to have all my questions answered
– I live in the now, and no longer in the past or fear the future
– I have learned to set boundaries in order to put myself first
– a good mom shows she can fail and says sorry. Most of all she shows how she deals with it.