The specific moves made over muscle, ligaments and fascia prompt the body into a process of self repair. These moves send signals to the body to begin the healing process. They stimulate the nervous system, release stored energy and communicate throughout the body via the connective tissue network (fascia) in a way that provokes a reaction. It is with this reaction that re-adjustment begins and rebalancing takes place.


As this therapy is so gentle it is appropriate to use on all age groups and states of health… There are no known adverse side effects, although reactions to treatment are common and part of the process. A Bowen research paper shows its effectiveness for hamstring injuries and other studies demonstrate how it improves conditions such as asthma, shoulder injuries and relieves backache. It can be used in pregnancy to help turn breech babies and in infants to treat colic. In the terminally ill it is used to relieve discomfort and improve quality of life. It works on everything, in between, as shown on first illustration.

There is also growing evidence that children with autism, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties also benefit from Bowen and the work of Howard Plummer in this field is highly acclaimed and recognized in the UK.

Here is an article about “A holistic way to treat injury” from the Irish Times: Article Irish Times.pdf