Reset your body and mind back into optimal health

This is a technique developed by me in the last 2 years, which has the capacity to resolve many different emotional and physical problems or conditions. This technique is able to identify limiting beliefs or past experiences which are present in the unconscious mind which are causing detrimental negative effects. This negative effect disrupts the chemistry of the brain resulting in feelings of anxiety or possibly causing a negative effect of the immune system resulting in physical symptoms. The client often believes because the event happened a long time ago that it is in the past and resolved, when in fact, chemically the effects of that event is still ongoing causing an imbalance in their system possibly leading to anxiety or many other negative feelings or physical conditions. This theory, I believe is in alignment with the work of Dr Hans Selye, General Adaptation Syndrome.

After identifying the limiting belief or past event which is causing this negative chemistry, through the technique described below, I am then able to disconnect the original trigger/event/belief and reset the unconscious mind. Resetting the unconscious in this way means that homeostasis is restored and the client is unable to find the original negative feeling they presented with which validates that unconsciously what they previously believed was resolved was in fact unresolved. This is a permanent reset.  It is my belief and therefore the focus of my approach and technique that it is the primitive Brain which is constantly being activated that causes many of the anxieties and conditions that present to me on a daily basis.

I am unable to prove in any scientific way at this point in time that this is exactly what is happening and the testimonials you can read below from my clients validates for me and for them the success of this technique through their own personal experience.  Every client is different and every presenting condition is personal to that client therefore each client is treated individually, resolving their issues at a pace which is comfortable to them, some presenting conditions are resolved in one session and some need more layers to be resolved before complete reset can be achieved. The majority of my clients feel improvement after even one hour, improvement which is permanent,  related to the context which is addressed during the session.

“Ik zou David Beckham van zijn WK-trauma willen verlossen door zijn geest te resetten via BMRT”
“Life-changing”, zo omschrijven verschillende patiënten BMRT (Body Mind Reset Technique) die Breda McQuaid uit Schilde ontwikkelde. Door zich te verdiepen in de inzichten van haar lichtende voorbeelden, vond ze een behandelingstechniek om pijn en trauma’s te verhelpen door herinneringen te vervagen. “Haet is het resetten van de geest, een beetje zoals je de harde schijf van een computer wist”, zegt de Ierse.