Follow up care and advice after a Bowen treatment;

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, still water. This does not include your normal tea, coffee or soft drinks.
  2. Walk! By this we mean to keep moving, not sitting in the one place for more than an hour, gentle exercise in the days following a treatment.
  3. Weekly. It is important for the integrity of the treatment that there are no more than 10 days between each of the first 3 treatments and no less than 5 days.
  4. It is important when attending for Bowen Treatments that you do not mix it with any other form of treatment, i.e., massage, oestopathy, physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture etc. It is not because these treatments do not work, it is because they can detract from the overall benefit of Bowen when experienced 5 days before or after a Bowen Treatment.
  5. No hot showers, baths or saunas after a Bowen Treatment for at least 3 days as Bowen increases your blood circulation and the two combined can make you feel very weak and unwell.