Tom Bowen developed this technique in Australia in the 1950’s. He regularly treated over 13,000 patients a year and a study was commissioned into his work by the Australian authorities which found him to have an 85% success rate. Often it only took him one or two treatments to resolve long standing issues. The Technique was then taught by him to Oswald Rentsch, who has furthered developed it throughout the world after Tom’s death in 1986.


Each treatment lasts approximately one hour, the first intake and assessment may take slightly longer. The treatment requires you to lie on a treatment couch, while the therapist performs light touch moves over your body in a particular sequence, taking a few minutes pause after each set of moves have been completed, to allow the body time to react and readjust to the impulse that has just been created. Often heat, tingling or cold can be felt by the client after the therapist has performed the moves and left the room for the pause. There is no manipulation or force involved in this therapy, it is extremely gentle and relaxing, which is one of the most often remarked comments from the client. It is also common to have an emotional reaction during or after a treatment which is a testament of how powerful this very light touch treatment can be. Most acute condition are often resolved in 3 or 4 treatments i.e. sports injury, and chronic conditions i.e. asthma or fibromyalgia will see remarkable improvements in 3 or 4 treatments but may need 6 weekly top up treatments.