The Technique I have developed is based on Applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and meridians.  Behavioural Kinesiology was refined in the late 1970’s by Dr John Diamond who was a psychiatrist and he also made a link to specific emotions and acupuncture meridians. There are many modalities which use muscle testing and meridians in their approach to helping people with different emotional and physical conditions all with recognised success. My approach also focuses on meridians, tapping and positive affirmation statements which many clients at first think is the same as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and very quickly realise my approach is completely different and much more specific, as I only work with one isolated meridian.

I have also been able to identify and locate what I believe is the unconscious barriers/events in the primitive brain which are still facilitating the primitive brain to believe the client is safer with this issue. In fact through kinesiology testing I even establish that the unconscious mind may believe they are in more danger by letting go of their issue, even though consciously they think and believe they want to resolve it.  These clients are the ones who present to me having their problem for many years with only short-term relief from their issue following other interventions and it always seems to return.

I believe the uniqueness’ of my work is, I check each specific presenting problem for this primitive brain protection mechanism. I believe this requires checking and resolving before any presenting issue can be resolved. Once this protection mechanism is checked and reset using BMRT, then I am able to resolve the original presenting problem through further testing and application of BMRT. This primitive Brain protective mechanism is often an event which occurred many years previously now consciously forgotten by the client or regarded as unimportant or irrelevant and often negative beliefs were created because of this event, now limiting the client in the context of their presenting problem.

BMRT is a technique which can be used both in person or remotely, which means treating someone living in a different country is still as successful as being in my treatment room. The possibilities for this technique are growing and the success is evident by the clients I treat in many locations.

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