Each BMRT session with me is one hour long and after an extensive intake the technique is applied, therefore resulting in positive change in the first session. Some problems may be fully resolved in one session and others as described here may require that deeper layers are resolved and reset before we achieve the calm relaxed safe feeling the client is looking for. The statement I hear the majority of my clients use after a treatment is “I feel Lighter”, I remind them that to feel lighter this must mean they were carrying something heavy … .

It is impossible for me to say how many sessions a client needs with me. That really depends on the life they have had, the traumas they have experienced, the limiting beliefs they wish to work with and what they want to achieve. I will let the testimonials from real clients below help you decide if this is an approach you wish to explore further for yourself, with the hope and real possibility of this long-lasting permanent peace and calmness you are looking for. To contact me for an appointment please use the contact form or send me a sms to my number listed there.