My first Blog Post

I first met Matt Hudson via my nephew David Mc Gettigan He had experienced Matts work and found it very interesting, I saw David work with this approach, and I was intrigued. In 2014 I was treating a client who was in pain from Rheumatoid arthritis, with Bowen Technique, during our conversation it came to light that she was being home schooled and had a very minimal social life for the past 2 years. I connected her to Matt Hudson and after one session via skype her anxiety about going outside and social circumstances was resolved. I was now also very keen to invite Matt to help other clients with anxiety related issues. I invited Matt to come and work with some of my clients, but he suggested instead that he come and teach me his work. I got busy finding others who would be interested to learn his approach. In November 2014, I spent seven days with four others studying and learning about The Hudson Approach. The very first evening after my first day in class, I worked with a client in Pain using the interventions learned that day and got immediate results. There were many events and experiences that first week which amazed me. In our Family at that time our two youngest children were suffering from anxiety to go outside in the dark after our next-door neighbour had been burgled some months before, Matt worked with them both and literally five minutes later they both went outside at night alone, fear gone!!!

My work as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner, in a busy London Hospital meant I was influenced primarily from a medical and scientific background, this helped me understand the Migraines that our daughter suffered sometimes on a weekly basis since she had Brain surgery aged 3 months old for a cyst in her Brain. We had learned to “live with “her migraines from her very early years, understanding the scientific explanation that because she had excess fluid on her Brain post-surgery, that this was a normal symptom of the condition. We accepted this reasoning until we met Matt, he worked with Ella, she has in the last 5 years gone from having migraines almost weekly to now experiencing a normal headache very occasionally, maybe once or twice a year, no more vomiting or severe pain from lights. This was an immense adjustment and change in her life which had been debilitated so much before Matts intervention. I was now truly intrigued; how could this be possible? How could an explained scientific reason for her migraine suddenly not make sense anymore? Especially as scans revealed she still had the excess fluid, yet now no more migraines. This was enhanced further by her school situation, at this time we had been in discussion with her school as they were concerned our daughter had a problem with mathematics and wished to test her, we decided to go to Matt and get his help. After one session she immediately improved in her learning and here we are 5 years later, and she is studying science at secondary school with higher mathematics. This was only the tip of the ice berg in terms of our experience and learning with Matt after only one week. It was more than enough to motivate me to begin implementing his teaching in my practice.

I went forward from that week motivated to further my learning. I immediately used the techniques in my daily practice and have continued to do so for the last 4 years. In 2017, I arranged for Matt to do a presentation via Apple for the Brain in The Felix Pakhuis in Antwerp. Following this we began our first course in Antwerp, where we have grown rapidly over the past 22 months.

My dream is to help more people out of their pain and suffering, and this has been my highest intention for many years. All of my adult life has been motivated by my desire to help others, first studying to be a professional nanny aged 18, following that I qualifying as a nurse, then studying foot reflexology, followed by Bowen Therapy, Anatomy in Motion, I have also completed some courses with Donna Eden Energy Medicine Currently I am now studying a dynamic new scar release technique which has amazing results. I am constantly motivated to learn and find the best possible outcome for my clients, I approach each client individually offering them a full package of body, mind, movement as a totally integrated approach to bringing them back to a state of full health.

This is the reason the current work I do in schools and our local football club KsK s’Gravenwezel Schilde is on a voluntary sponsorship basis because I believe if we can help our children early, we can prevent many issues in later life. Now we are running regular courses throughout the year and becoming more involved in teaching this approach to many people in many different walks of life. If you wish to learn more visit the website