Cédric Van Hooydonk

Breda has helped me with stress and performance anxiety. Breda noticed I was stressed when she asked me how my preparations for the exams were going. I was stunned since I normally do a good job in hiding things like this. I told her my stress-related problems and why I was having this stress. Breda then made me realise what impact this stress had on my body, my sleeping pattern and my concentration level. I agreed with all the things she said and I was surprised at how well she had analysed me.
Breda then offered me a solution. She managed to change my mind-set. From one moment to another, she enabled me to change my perspective on my exams. These exams became a goal for me instead of an obstacle and thus I experienced less stress.

When I look back to that period, I can clearly notice 2 phases. There was a period of stress, lack of sleep and me not being able to concentrate for longer than 15 minutes. And then there is the period after Breda helped me. A period of less stress, better sleep and a much better concentration level. These things improved over time. But the enhancement was clearly noticeable.

I wouldn’t have succeeded the way I did now if it wasn’t for Breda’s help. I passed all exams. I genuinely don’t think this would possible if Breda didn’t help me.

Breda has impressed me multiple times with how she analyses me. Till this day, I haven’t been able to prove her wrong on things she noticed about me.