Julie, 24

Breda helped me cope with the loss of my best friend, Raf, with her technique BMRT. When I came into Breda’s office, I thought there wasn’t enough of me physically to handle all this grief. I couldn’t tell about memories of Raf without panicking and bursting into tears, I could only feel the pain, helplessness and anger of the loss. Immediately after the technique, I felt a huge weight fall off my shoulders, I could breathe again. Thanks to Breda, I can now talk about Raf and all the beautiful memories.

Like Breda, the technique is absolutely unique. 🙂 The result is fast, efficient and above all: permanent. I can only describe it as if your brain has been in the blender. You know something was there 1 minute ago, but you can’t possibly remember it. Something I couldn’t possibly articulate before was suddenly negotiable. I even got new insights into the situation that I couldn’t possibly find before.

My best advice: go with the flow & trust Breda.